Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Listening exercise: New rules (Dua Lipa)

Hi there!

Not only music is one of the most fun and effective strategies you can use to learn and improve your English pronunciation, but it also helps you to practice listening in a very relaxing way.

  • How are you learning? When you make an effort and you try to understand what you are listening to.
  • What are you learning? Due to the fact that we sing and listen to a song over and over again, once you learn the lyrics you will never forget them. That way, you can memorize vocabulary and expressions easily. Another advantage is that you practice your grammar and spelling by repetition.
  • Why listening to a song? Songs give you perfect pronunciation models, so try to mimic them. It will help you to speak more fluently.

Thus, for all the reasons above, here I share the listening activity we did at class last day. Remember to use the "lyrics video" first, and then, the "karaoke version".

Fill in the gaps activity:

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